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The One Winged Bullwhip

This beast of a bullwhip is inspired by the notorious villain from Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth. It is plaited with silver in the thong and white in the handle, while the handle is covered in Ito cord for a traditional Tsuka-Maki wrap as you would see on a Katana. The whip only comes in 8, 10 and 12 foot lengths because anything shorter just wouldn't do!

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The Catwhip

Catwoman is one of the most iconic characters in modern day pop culture. This bullwhip is the perfect accessory for any Catwoman cosplay! It has a sleek design with a 10 inch handle, no mid knot and a rounded heel knot, in all black of course!

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The Star Spangled Bullwhip

This is a custom made to order American Flag inspired Bullwhip! So grill up some burgers, grab a brewskie and make your own fireworks by breaking the sound barrier. You'll be the talk of the neighborhood at your fourth of July gathering! These bullwhips are Red, White and Blue (duh!). This whip is finished at the heel with an American Eagle coin concho. It screams American Pride! These whips are also waxed after completion, giving them a protective layer from moisture and a professional finish.

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The Z Whip

Are you ready to snuff out candles like the masked legend himself? Well look no further, the WhipWorks Z Whip is the perfect target whip! With a 12 inch handle and a silver collar at the transition, this Bullwhip is as accurate as they come.

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What goes in to a WhipWorks bullwhip?

A WhipWorks whip starts with a steel rod that is attached to a nylon sheath. This sheath is then loaded with steel shot. The added weight from the shot encourages a taper that effortlessly transfers energy from the heel to the end of the whip. Over this is applied the first bolster, which is a wrap to support the transition of the whip (the section where the handle and the thong meet). Then the first layer of plaiting is applied, which is a 6 plait layer (6 strands of paracord). Over this, a second bolster is applied before the 10 plait layer is added. And then, the final 16 plait layer is applied. This final layer of plaiting takes much more time, as the pattern in the handle is intricate and requires special attention. After plaiting, a concho is permanently attached to the heel of the whip, and two accent knots are added to the handle. The whip is then submerged in liquid wax, patted dry and hung to set. This waxing make these whips water resistant and ready for any weather condition.

Triple Plaited

Every WhipWorks Bullwhip is triple plated to ensure a superior taper for ease of use. Many less expensive whips whip only have 2 or even 1 layer of plaiting. Having 3 seperate layers of plaiting guarantees the professional quality that you would expect from a WhipWorks Bullwhip

Shot Loading the Core

Every WhipWorks Bullwhip has a shot loaded core. The inner most strand of material is loaded with #8 Steel Shot for a length determined by the overall length of the whip. Shot loading the core adds a bit of weight and encourages a strong taper, makings WhipWorks Bullwhips more accurate and easier to crack!

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The Anatomy of a Bullwhip

Here is a break down of a Bullwhip. The handle is the stiff portion containing the 1/4" steel rod. The mid knot shows the end of the handle, and the beginning of the transition (not labeled), which is the beginning portion of the thong. The thong tapers down from 16 strands all the way to the 4 plait hitch knot. The hitch knot is where the fall is attached to the whip. The fall then goes on for about 2 feet and the popper is attached at the end.

How Long is my Bullwhip?

The length of a Bullwhip is measured from the HEEL KNOT to the HITCH KNOT. The fall is not included in the overall length of the whip, but the handle is. So an 8 foot whip will actually be about 10 feet from the hitch knot to the popper (this is the length of the whip plus the length of the fall).

Waxed vs. Unwaxed

Should I Wax my Bullwhip?

Waxing helps to protect the life of your whip. After the whip is completed, it is bathed in liquid paraffin wax. The wax penetrates the small air pockets of the whip, making it water resistant. Waxing also gives the whip a professional finish, as you can see pictured. I ALWAYS recommend waxing your whip.

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